WELCOME, soul family.

The new paradigm is here.

You are here for a sacred reason. Your path is difficult because your calling is higher.

Are you ready to leave the matrix behind?

Tired of feeling like you don't belong on this planet?

BEEN THERE. DONE THAT. BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO forever be the lone wolf. You have work to do.

Starseeds, healers, and sensitives are not here to suffer or submit. This world is not built for you; but you did choose to come here to create a new one. You are way more powerful than you know… yet.



Dump the junk and feel whole again with our tried-and-true wellness techniques.


Discover your true essence, tell your story and gather a community around your mission.


Start your dream business with a solid brand and marketing strategy.

dear beautiful soul...

You're not alone: you are seen & you matter.

Here is a carefully curated selection of resources, rituals, and personal stories to connect you back to Source + find your soul family.

Step 01

Find your soul family

join the group

We were not meant to journey through this world alone.

Connect to other divergents and visionaries. We lift each other up.

Step 02

Live and work with intuition

listen to the podcast

Tune in for tips on living and working with greater intention.

If you are – or plan to be – an entrepreur, this is a great place to start.

Step 03

Challenge the narrative

download the guide

Words hold power, and we have the gift to choose the ones we use.

Learn how to see through propaganda and reframe your story.

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personal vlog

my genuine, raw journey

Fully transparent, no mask stories from my personal path. I’ll talk about how I left the States with just a backpack, deprogrammed in the forest, reentered life in a psychedelic community, how I almost got trapped, my Saturn return in 2020 and the shadow work that almost killed me, and the details on the generational curses I’m attempting to break.

and business

Copywriting services and templates to support your entrepreneurial ventures.

Learn more about what it means to work together, purchase business templates, or listen to the podcast over on the Folk & Business page.


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download your free Moon Planner

After our printed planner sold out at the end of February, I was still getting requests. It didn’t feel right to print more + sell them so late in the season, so I created a free digital version for you to enjoy.