What if you really are here for a reason?

I’m Angie Sunshine and I help black sheep exit the matrix and become a conscious co-creator (of their life and business).

Small businesses and entrepreneurs are co-creating a conscious economy. Slowly, but surely, the old economy is falling away and a new paradigm is forming in its place.


Conscious folk blossom in business with the right support and strategies.

As a copywriter and story-based seller, I help you make an impact the way you were intended to. 

xox Angie


I'm Angie Sunshine, your personal content alchemist.

I provide done-for- you services such as web and email copy to delight your audience and get you the sales you deserve.

If you resonate with me but you’re not ready to outsource, I’ve created courses and kits full of best practices that will set you up for tribe- building and conversions.

let's get started!

Group 37

The world needs your odd and unique gifts.

In 2017, I said goodbye to my cushy full time marketing career in the city to embark on a sustainable living adventure in Portugal. After a few months of mushroom foraging in the mountains of Foulhada, I was invited to continue my travels to the East of Europe. I fell in love with the wilderness in Estonia (along with its wonderful people) and learned much about the herbal medicine of its forests. I live in a small village now in the Netherlands, but I carry the love of traditional folk medicine in my heart, and I’ve committed to using my talents to serve those who work with the earth and share in its treasures.

Many people still believe that we live in an age of the “hustle”. We think that as long as we work hard and make enough money to get our heads above sea level then we can live the life of our dreams. We know that isn’t true now. It’s a common misconception to believe that the only way to succeed is by going after goals in the same way that you’ve always gone after them before. We know that we must go after goals with a new, holistic and consciously aware mentality.

We need to change what we’ve always done and learn how to do things differently. We need to learn how to do something different in order to achieve “the art of the possible.” We must learn how to live and work in the new paradigm.

It's time to get off the Hamster Wheel and into the Art of the Possible.

In a Nutshell


I’m the opposite of Belle. I left the big city (Boston) to live the provincial life + I love every moment of it. Life in a quaint village outside of Amsterdam is where my heart sings. I try to live each day intentionally.

sustained by

red wine + 
fresh flowers

current fav

the twelfth house podcast

on repeat

lofi study girl

favorite city

amsterdam, of course!

style inspiration

forest academia

guilty pleasure

i revel in my pleasures. no guilt here!

My logo is my business plan


Each point represents a side of me that God gave me to give back to the world. The circle represents my balance and the cycles of each part of life. The rays are sunshine reflected out from my center line- which represents the direct connection to Source/God itself. My business and my spiritual path are intricately linked together because I live a life on Purpose. I want this for you, too.


This group is for business owners/ entrepreneurs who want to plan their business & life around the cycles of the moon and the seasons.

I share many LIVE Trainings here for FREE to help you with cyclical planning, using the stars and earth as a guide.

download your free Moon Planner

After our printed planner sold out at the end of February, I was still getting requests. It didn’t feel right to print more + sell them so late in the season, so I created a free digital version for you to enjoy.