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Unchain yourself from your desk and start working intentionally again with moon marketing + business storytelling strategies.

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Let's be candid, shall we?

online marketing is exhausting.

Especially for us folk who would rather be in the garden. It’s overwhelming enough to talk to people online, let alone show up as the face of our brand + sell on all these platforms.


There are so many courses and strategies that keep promising you'll make those six-figure months. It feels like your head is a frozen computer screen. You get caught up in your head about it, experience a lot of questioning, self-doubt, and even shame.


There are so many platforms out there. Is it hard to know where and how to show up with all the different options? Which strategies actually work, and which - like the ones that require we go on camera- can we avoid like the plague?


Do you manage to make an appearance every once in a while, but have trouble staying consistent? Maybe you need a day- or week- to restore.. and maybe it becomes a month. You start to wonder if you can catch the swing of things again or if you should start from scratch (or hide under the linen duvet forever...)

make consistent sales without burning out

a content plan that combines nature's cycles with the art of story

As an introvert, I understand how hard it can be to sell somebody on your idea – even if it’s a good one. If you feel seen, this is a little love letter of encouragement to you. I’ll help you to communicate your unique value through the art + science of story marketing.

" I’m very picky with whom I give my energy to. I prefer to reserve my time, intensity and spirit exclusively to those who reflect sincerity. "
Tammy Rivers
UI / UX Designer

the key to consistent selling is to develop a rooted content strategy.

No more wasting precious time and energy on “potential customers” who are *actually* not right for you. 

In my cozy corner of the internet, you’ll find rooted marketing derived from the traditions of our ancestors + cutting edge business planning.

No more imposter’s syndrome or fear to put your business out there. The world needs you! I’ll show you how to root into your intention to share with ease + make the sales you deserve.

"People do not buy goods and service. They buy relations, stories and magic."
Seth Godin
Marketing master

the moon

What does the moon have to do with marketing?

I never thought I would use the moon as in integral part of my marketing strategy.

It all started when I bought my first moon planner. I realized that my energy ebbed and flowed like the phases of the moon, and it proved to be an excellent way to plan out my business in a way that felt true to my energy (especially as an introvert). I applied the moon phases to my content strategy and – lo and behold- it worked.

This is because we are all effected by the moon in subtle ways, making certain days of the month easier to inspire people to buy, while others are better to nurture our audience with free content.

teaching folk how to

sell with stories

Stories are the way human knowledge was passed down before the written word. It’s the natural way that our brains learn and process information. This powerful ancient craft can be honed by visionaries like you to make their greatest impact.

(it’s totally free!)


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After our printed planner sold out at the end of February, I was still getting requests. It didn’t feel right to print more + sell them so late in the season, so I created a free digital version for you to enjoy.