What is a “Dark Night of the Soul” and How Do I Know if I’m in One?

Folk and Business Podcast Episode 2

“We rarely find people who achieve great things without first going astray.”
― Meister Eckhart

If you’re a business owner – or living life on your own terms as a solo entrepreneur – it’s likely that you’ve been through your very own Dark Night of the Soul. These moments of awakening are an initiation of sorts; a cornerstone experience on the path of Becoming. 

Although arguably a gift in disguise, it feels like a massive blow to be in the midst of one. There’s no way to fully describe the emotional turmoil that one goes through in the wake of the Dark Night. The only salve for our journey is the dimly lit path of hope, layed out for us by those who came before us. When we are able to embrace the experience in its fullness and discover our core in the process, the right mentors reveal themselves. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, Bella Luna joins me for a deconstruction of the love and light narrative and get real about the perils ahead. 

This episode may be triggering to those who suffer from mental illness, please listen with care. It is a true account of entering and leaving the realms of depersonalization, depression, and other labels that often get placed on the brave ones who say yes to the spiritual path. The human experience is both darkness and light; there are seasons for each, and each brings its lessons and gifts if you choose to see it that way. 

Bella gives us tips to navigate the darkness, as well as a practical guide to return to the light once we’ve learned why the Dark Night has come.

To learn more about Bella, you can visit her website here: www.bella-luna.org 

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