How to Write a Brief for Your Copywriter

If you’re an introverted entrepreneur like me, you’re already cautious about “jumping on a call” with anyone, let alone someone you’ve only met on Pinterest. You can make the experience smooth, pleasant, and seamless by preparing your brief ahead of time.

Do you need to write a brief before you hire a copywriter? Absolutely, yes.

A brief helps you become fully intentional.

Becoming fully intentional about your copy gives you the reins and saves precious time and money. It’s the skeleton key to success if you want to make the maximum impact (and sales!!) with your precious words.

The process will:

  • clarify exactly what you want your copywriter’s help with
  • understand the scope of the project + what you can afford
  • decide what you would like the copy to achieve
  • prepare your copywriter to speak in your brand’s voice

Tend to the soil where you’ll plant your content.

Possible ways to clean up your process beforehand:

If you’re hiring for your blog:

  • make sure your Pinterest is set to Business
  • prepare any images you want to use in the posts
  • collect raw post material in a Google Drive

If you want to hire a copywriter to write your emails:

  • have an email provider in place
  • clarify what you want your emails to achieve
  • define what your ideal client is // who you want to attract

If you’re hiring for sales funnel copy:

  • brainstorm a rough idea of your freebie
  • define what your product or service is and its selling points
  • lock down the dates and times of your webinars, sales, and specials

To help you come up with your own copywriting brief, here’s a long laundry list of all of the things you might like to include in your brief. Don’t feel like have to include them all.

‍What elements make up a successful copywriting brief?

Information about your project

Project description: Include a brief overview of the project and how it relates to your company’s business strategy.

What needs to be created: List the assets you want the copywriter to produce. For example, a landing page, a sales email sequence, web copy, a white paper, a blog post, a series of facebook ads…

Objective(s): What do you want this project to achieve?

Call to action: What action do you want people to take in order to “convert”? Free trial, book a demo, sign up, complete an intake survey, give us a call…

SEO: List your primary and secondary keywords, word count, and anything other SEO parameters your copywriter should take into consideration.

Deadlines: When do you need final copy delivered? When do you need draft(s) for revision?

Constraints: Anything your copywriter needs to be aware of. Min/max word count, format restrictions, design limitations, etc.

Information about your target audience

Target audience: Who do you want to reach? Include any information about your target audience that may be helpful to your copywriter (the nature of their business, the position they hold in the company, their age, sex, socio-economic profile, etc.)

Triggers: What pain points, needs, or desires make potential customers search for your product or service? What triggers or “aha!” moments make them convert into paying customers?

Objections: What makes your target customers hesitate? Why do they abandon products in their cart? Why do they not sign up after the free trial period?

Past experience: What other products have they purchased or tried in the past? Why would they choose yours instead?

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