Each moon cycle affects your life and business. Here’s how.

Have you ever had those days where you just had *no* energy to do anything? And then on the flip side you’ve had those days where everything just flowed and you felt like you could go on forever?

It’s natural to have these cycles. Humans have long been deeply connected to the ebb and flow of the seasons and the energetic patterns of the moon.

It wasn’t until we instituted the modern 9-5 and round-the-clock electricity that we became like machines. It is simply not natural to work in the way we have been since the 19th century, and it is especially overwhelming for those of us who are sensitive, intuitive and/or wired differently.

Many of us have felt the call to re-wild our life and work. The simplest yet effective way to do this is to sync our bodies and energy back with the moon.

New Moon (Unplug + Restore)

A new moon occurs when the sun and moon are not facing each other. Instead, they are on the same sides of earth. It has historically been a time of retreat, especially for women as they experience their cycles.

The new moon acts as a reboot. It is the darkness of the fallow ground before planting anew. It is the perfect time to cleanse and disconnect before starting your next project. If you’re able, lighten your workload during this phase and keep it a time of rest and repair.

Use this time to restore your energy, charging your batteries for action in the next cycle.

Decluttering is a great way to honor the new moon. This can be a purge of material things such as clothes or household items, or it can be a mental or spiritual purge such as releasing negative thoughts and patterns.

Unplug, spend time alone and away from electronics as much as possible during the new moon. Allow yourself to wash away the old and make space for the new.

Waxing Crescent (Dream + Plan)

The sun begins the illumination process and forms a crescent as it makes its way across earth to face the moon.

This is the ultimate intention setting phase. Encourage your dreaminess and pair it with an outline for action.

Your energy will be recharged from the new moon, and your creative engine lights up.

Plan out your content during this phase.

First Quarter Moon ( Take Action)

Be prepared to make decisions on the spot, and do not lose your cool when things come at you out of nowhere. The best way to handle this moon is to be flexible. Keep the intention you set during the last new moon in your mind the entire time, and make decisions that will ultimately bring about the outcome of your previously set intentions.

The best way to start acting on them is to keep a to-do list and a journal. There should be a physical representation of you writing and acting out your intentions. Write yourself a daily to-do list and cross off things as you complete them.

This is the best time to launch a new offer or program, so plan accordingly!

Waxing Gibbous (Refine)

The themes surrounding this moon are adjustment, refining, and editing. Things don’t always work out the way we planned them to, and this phase of the moon will help you realize what you need to reevaluate, give up, or change direction on.

Make any tweaks. Put on any final touches and review feedback.

Full Moon (Harvest)

Because the sun and the moon are on opposite sides of the Earth at this point, they are also in opposite zodiac signs. This brings heightened tension as we fight to find balance between two extremes. Emotions can definitely run high during this period, and it’s important not to get overly emotional or attached to anything during this phase.

The Harvest Moon, the name of the first full moon in September, is the time when farmers traditionally harvest their crops. Just as they reap the benefits of their seeds, you should be reaping the benefits of your intentions set during the new moon.

You will see these benefits in the form of new opportunities or even as results from the hard work done the previous week. Make sure you’re prepared and open to receiving these.

Celebrate your wins with your team or loved ones!

Waning Gibbous (Gratitude)

After a full moon, the moon starts becoming less illuminated again, waning toward the last quarter moon, then finally, another new moon.

Gratitude, sharing, and enthusiasm will permeate this phase if you’ve worked hard for them over the previous two phases. Your metaphorical crops are in abundance and you’ll notice the progress you’ve made if you’ve followed your steps to the letter. It’s a good time to shower the ones you love in appreciation and treat them to dinner or a small gift.

This is one of those weeks you may find yourself burning a hole in your wallet — try not to go overboard but don’t feel bad about spending some extra time and money on those you love. Giving back is a big theme during this time.

Last Quarter (Release)

The last quarter moon is the reverse process of the first quarter, making its way back to another new moon. After a full moon, the moon wanes — becomes smaller — into another gibbous moon, and then into the last quarter. Release, letting go, and forgive yourself and others for what didn’t go as planned. As the moon decreases in size, so does your control over the past cycle. It’s out of your hands now and it’s time to prepare for renewal. In the last quarter you called to let go of all grudges and release all anger. You must purge yourself to be able to receive the new intentions you will set again during the next new moon.

A great practice during this moon is a cleanse. Clean out your apartment, your closet, your friendships. Look at anything that’s no longer serving you and get rid of it. Pay attention to the unnecessary emotional and physical clutter you’ve accumulated during this past cycle and rid yourself of it. To shed unnecessary emotional weight, try a Qi Gong class or a crystal bath.

Waning Crescent (Surrender)

The sliver of visible moon is on its way back to total darkness. Surrender, rest, and recuperate with yin yoga or anything that helps you to completely relax. You may feel empty during this time. You’ve gone through an entire moon cycle and things have come and gone — willingly or not. You are now getting ready to prepare for a new cycle and there is nothing wrong with resetting intentions — however, not during this moon.

Right now just relax and surrender to the universe. Some things will always be out of your control and fate must take its course.

Do you want to know more about the cycles of the moon and connect with a community of new friends? You can join our work by the moon group on Facebook to continue the conversation on cosmic cycles.

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