Boost website traffic to your online apothecary.

Boost website traffic for your apothecary or small business.

As herbalists and holistic creative folk, you’ve set your roots to grow deep in the rich soil of entrepreneurship or small business ownership.

You’ve done your due diligence to hone your craft by the sun and the cycles of the moon and you’ve weaved your expertise into little nuggets of gold to share with those most in need of your unique medicine.

You’ve carefully cultivated a working knowledge of administration and weaved your way gracefully through the art of legal disclaimers and client contracts. You saved your pennies in a sock drawer and invested in a website, shiny and new and with your name emblazoned across the front. Your passion is visible and you’re ready to serve.

You serve your locals with great care and they share news of your brilliance as far and wide as their friendships reach. It’s these shining few that have given you bright hope for the future and they keep you going on the days when the night seems infinitely longer than the day, and you must work in the darkness.

Then the faucet begins to trickle.

There are whole days – even weeks- where no one visits your page.

You start to wonder if you’d unpublished it by mistake while you were fiddling to get the cart page configured.

You whisper to yourself over a homemade blend of mugwort and chamomile, “Relax, everything is fine. It takes time.”

And you’re right, but every day without a sale can feel like an eternity when you’ve etched your plans upon the earth.

Please read this before letting the dust settle on your self doubt.

The ancient content marketing strategy that will boost your website traffic.

Artisans such as you are oft allergic to the pomp of flashy campaigns and schemes typically associated with marketing. And joyfully so! The earth needs those like you, sewing your seeds with a quiet hand. You need not follow in footsteps that don’t fit.

There is a better way, an art and science as old as humanity itself. A way that has maintained its magic throughout history. Let it call to you. It has the power to inspire you to fruitfully hold a lantern for others to find and interact with your sacred medicine.

Stories are the light and salt of the small business world.

“Stories are a communal currency of humanity.”

– Tahir Shah, Managing Consultant, Sales & Marketing

Humans love stories. We use them to make meaning of the world that surrounds us. Stories produce oxytocin in our brains and feel like a warm cup of cocoa on a cold winters’ night.

How to use storytelling to attract website visitors:

It bears mentioning that in order to sell anything, you must give value first.

Educate and delight your website visitors with hand crafted stories about your products or services.

Think of your buyer and imagine where they are on their personal journey. Put yourself in their patent leather lace ups for a moment and see your business through their eyes. What glimmer of hope has snagged their heart, as they hover over “learn more” in hopes you will have exactly what they’ve been searching for? It could easily be that your potential website visitors are perusing Pinterest as you read this, just waiting for you to *please* appear and make things right in the world.

Write your visitors a love letter. Tell them you know they’e been searching. You were once just like them until you found the secret salve for your own heart. Call them in to your site and leave a trail of seeds to nourish them on the way.

Empathy + imagery are the guiding story principles that boost website traffic and engage visitors.

Once you’ve been initiated into the tribe of story sellers, you’ll find your business starts to flows with a natural ease. It’s your time to shine, attracting Garden Tigers to your flame.

I encourage you to sit down at your desk today and meditate on a story that will connect with your website visitors. How can you weave your own experiences, or the experiences of your past clients into a letter that will touch the soul of your reader? Show up as a human speaking to another human.

In the next coming weeks, I’ll be diving into elements of Myth and Lore to use in your business copy (yes, it can be that magical!) so be sure to save this blog & subscribe for updates.

I’ll be beta testing a new course, Storytelling for Soulful Selling sometime in the early months of 2021. To join the course as a tester and receive the course for half the cost, get on the registration list here.

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