Samhain: A Time of Personal and Business Reflection

Outside the boundaries of business-as-usual, Samhain (a Gaelic word pronounced “sow-win”) gives us the chance to connect deeper with our ancestors and reflect on our sacred work moving forward.

This year has been my solar return, which has brought a period of shadow work that lasted for my 28th year. It began with my Reiki II initiation. It was a moment where all the skeletons in my closest came out to dance in a whirl of integration.

Yes, Baba Yaga has woven her threads with mine.

I can feel my grandmother’s whispers over my life. A quiet botanist, she’d been brushed to the side for the first quarter of my life, as my Christian relatives filled my personal space with stories of Yaweh through the lens of white men. I knew somehow that this injured her soul, but she waited for me to come for her. To find the path for myself.

I spent my 20s traveling: wild and free. I meant no harm or folly, I was answering the call of my soul.

Now, in my 29th year. I released my inner sacred feminine. She was unfairly confined to my shadow.

I’d learned to suppress the beautiful, mysterious, wild, and wise feminine that lies at the core of my being. It’s my true essence. Like my father’s mother and her deep yet scorned ancestral line, I am naturally drawn to plants. My inner feminine is witchy and wonderful and wise. She does not shy away from the earth and its needs. She can truly give presence to others and hold the humble and the exalted in her arms. I’d learned to resent my masculine side. It took up too much space in my external existence, and the desire to rebel grew deep until it divided me from Truth.

My feminine is strongest through my father’s family line. It is expressed through the discovery of the Divine Feminine, through play, travel, plant medicine, folk healing, and the passage of the wisdom of the wild woman.

My masculine strongest through my mother’s. It is expressed through Christ who penetrates the false matrices of thought-forms who seek to confuse and divide humans. It is a lineage of surrender and yielding to the Divine Masculine force that creates and animates all.

I contain both Christ + Cunning Folk.

How these can coexist is still new to me, and it’s vulnerable to share. Yet I find truth in each path, and emptiness in one without the other.

As I grow as a copywriter, I can no longer follow the clinical “just business” model that I felt would mold me into an industry standard. My work at its core must be shared on a far more intimate level than that. I will continue to work with professionalism and story frameworks of the finest caliber.

But I will not leave out the bits of me that are most important. Business is no longer just business. It’s doing the work to repair and restore Earth.

This space fosters folk healers + those who have received freedom from the Matrix.

I don’t know what to call you yet, because I am still figuring out this birth inside of me… but this is my first love letter to you. I will not give up on learning your needs and your name.

I invite you into this adventure with me, as a training ground for effective creation. May the methods of writing presented to you here draw out your essence and flood you with the desire to share your story. We are mirrors for each other inside of this chapel, and I’m excited to learn about you this Samhain and each day going forward through this opened space.

What do your ancestors whisper to you, and what medicine you bring to the altar of Earth?

I’m Angie

your wordsmith + content alchemist

Fueled by ancient wisdom and modern business practices, I spend my days working behind-the-scences to bring your unique products & services to the people who need your sacred medicine.

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